Number of Listings
10 (Minimum charge)
$  7.75/each
$  7.00/each
$  6.50/each
$  5.75/each
251 and over
$  5.00/each

Discounted Rates

1 Month - No Discount
3 Months - 3% Discount
6 Months - 6% Discount
12 Months - 10% Discount

Note: To simplify and consolidate your credit card charges, new items added
after your initial purchase will be prorated through the end of your billing cycle.
I.E. If you initially purchase 10 listings on the 8th of the month, then add 5

additional listings on the 12th of the month your additional listing will

be prorated so all items will renew at the same time.




PowerSell is a fee based program allowing a seller to list an item by choosing a product category. 
A number of drop down boxes are available to help simplify the input of each item. 
It includes a photo field and an open description field for other relevant information. 
To ease the searching process, PowerSell items will be displayed in 70-80 categories

similar to the categories in EA-Online PowerSearch and PowerQuote. 

Each PowerSell posting will be sent to all interested vendors as well as listed on our site for a minimum of 30 days. 
For an additional cost, we can also email blast items a vendor has for sale to 25,000 contractors. 

  Call 800.328.0328 or email info@ElectricalAdvertiser.com with any questions or comments.